Hopedot VOS (Security Edition)

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developer:Hopedot Electronics Co Ltd
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platform: Windows, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
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Hopedot VOS (Security Edition)

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Description:   Hopedot VOS generates a new virtual operating system based on user's existing Windows OS. All the operations in the virtual system is isolated from the host system, so users can install, run softwares, save private data, and set their own desktop in this virtual environment without leaving any trace on the host system. All the settings and files will be encrypted only into the virtual system. With Hopedot VOS (Security Edition), users needn't to worry about information leakage any more online or offline. Double authentication guarantees usersâ™ right to their own Hopedot VOS.
Key features:
*Easy-to-use interface: no training is needed to get familiar with Hopedot VOS and is suitable both for personal use and enterprise centralized management.
*Compatibility: Hopedot VOS works on nearly all Windows systems (2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7). In its virtual environment, users can install unlimited standard applications directly
without any modification or repacking and run them. Hopedot VOS works exactly the same on any Windows version, regardless of host language, settings and user privileges.
*Portability: Hopedot VOS can be carried around on portable storage devices and run directly from the device in real time without requiring administrator rights of the host PC.
*Information Security
All the private information will be stored and encrypted into the Hopedot VOS virtual system. No foot-prints will be left and no unauthorized access is available through the host system. Hopedot VOS supports screenlock function. No one can glance at your operating applicants and confidential data when you have to leave for a while.
Hopedot VOS is an ideal applications virtualization solution to enables users to create their own secure and portable PC environment on any PC anywhere.

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